Part 2: Lessons from Batman



In honour of  The Dark Knight Rises, here is part 2 of our ‘Lessons from Batman’ article….. After all, Bruce Wayne is the wealthiest guy in (fictional) Gotham!

Last Week we looked at the importance of research and development.  This week we focus on branding and networking:

Branding – be recognisable

A cohesive brand is crucial to a successful enterprise, and that’s something Wayne understands better than most. All of Batman’s gadgets contain the symbol of a bat – even the famous police signal lights up the sky with his brand.

Creating an interesting logo and tagline, and putting it on everything you produce will re-enforce your brand in consumers memory.

Research shows younger shoppers aren’t able to identify advertising as clearly as they could in the past because of mixed branding messages across different media channels. A cohesive brand isn’t just to look cool – it’s to make sure you can maintain a consistent voice as a company.

A great support network

Bruce Wayne may work alone, but he has a full support network of allies giving him advice when he needs it, including butler and mentor, Alfred.

No business is an island, creating a strong network of suppliers and professional service firms will help you manage all tasks, especially the really difficult ones. Even Batman can’t fight crime alone, and neither can an entrepreneur do everything by themselves. A good support network is crucial to good business.

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