Introducing Better Later Life



Better Later Life – He Oranga Kaumātua 2019 to 2034 is the Government’s plan to provide older New Zealanders with a better quality of living. The strategy was launched on 1 November 2019.

Designed to ensure everyone gets the chance to live well as they get older and create opportunities for everyone to participate, contribute and be valued as they age, the Better Later Life strategy helps to prepare New Zealand for the aging population.

Better Later Life has five key areas for action, based on feedback from nationwide consultations. These areas are:

  • Achieving financial security and economic participation.
  • Promoting healthy ageing and improving access to services.
  • Creating diverse housing choices and options.
  • Enhancing opportunities for participation and social connection.
  • Making environments accessible.

Unlike the previous policy, The Positive Ageing Strategy 2001, Better Later Life also considers the next generation of older people aged 50-64.

Going forward, an action plan will be developed based on the strategy’s key areas. Changes are already being implemented to the SuperGold Card to stretch peoples’ income and the Residential Tenancy Act is being reformed, in addition to the creation of the Age-Friendly community programme.

This strategy has links to other strategies, such as Healthy Ageing Strategy 2016, New Zealand Disability Strategy 2016 and New Zealand Carers Strategy 2008.

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