Half of Kiwi businesses do not have a website



Despite small and medium sized businesses making up the majority of New Zealand’s business community, half of them still do not have a website.

According to the survey of SME Digital Readiness by Yellow, 50 per cent of Kiwi small businesses did not have a website and nearly 20 per cent were not utilising any online tools for marketing and sales.

Despite social media sites such as facebook and twitter long acknowledged to have a significant impact on the success and presence of a business both in the real and digital world, small businesses were not embracing this business strategy. This is seen as a particular concern as consumer behaviour skews heavily towards online engagement with businesses and their products, and not capitalising on this digital space means many small businesses are not reaching their consumers.

More than half of Kiwis use the web to search for businesses, products and services, with 17 per cent of those using the internet exclusively.

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