Benefits of standing meetings



Stand-up meetings boost productivity and workplace cooperation.

Here are some benefits of holding your meetings standing up.

Improves efficiency
Stand-up meetings improve efficiency. The mentality of standing up encourages urgency and alertness. A seated posture can lead to a relaxed mindset that can inhibit productivity. Studies have shown that standing up at your meeting can decrease meeting times up to 34 per cent.

Strengthens focus
Stand-up meetings eliminate digital distractions. When your employees are sitting down they are far more likely to answer emails in meeting lulls, be distracted by your staff’s online messaging service or check personal messages. When your meetings are standing up, you are guaranteed to keep your team focused on the task at hand.

Improved collaboration
The increased urgency and focus of your employees result in a higher standard of cooperation. Staff will listen to each other more and be able to come up with collaborative solutions in a far more efficient and effective way.

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